Hey there, I’m Sam, a seasoned Full-Stack Developer driven by a passion for creating user-friendly digital experiences. Since I tinkered with my first line of code in high school, I’ve been all about keeping things simple in software. I love making the web more accessible and flexible, shaping both smooth User Experiences and hassle-free Developer Experiences.

For me, it’s all about learning and sharing what I pick up along the way. I aim to be a reliable source of expertise and experience for my team. I’m driven by the desire to empower teammates, fostering an environment where everyone thrives. My eyes are set on leading a team in the near future, eager to guide and cultivate a collaborative, innovative atmosphere.

🛠️ Languages and Tools

For side projects, my go-to stack has been: Solid-Start, Tailwind. I’m a huge fan of Solid. I’m trying to do what I can to contribute to it.

🧠 Development Philosophies

💻 Operating Systems

I’m an avid user of all 3 main operating systems. There’s no best OS, they all have their pros and cons. Linux wise, I’m currently back on ubuntu for simplicity sake, but I’ve previously used Arch for a full 2 years and briefly experimented with NixOs.

✒️ Blog

I’ve been wanting to write more blog posts about what I’m learning. Its 2024, its time to get writing! Recent Posts

🎧 Music

I listen to a lot of music, here’s what I’m currently listening to.

(It’s probably Metal or Synthwave)


All my music listening is recorded on last.fm.